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The size, shape, and color of the external genitalia vary from woman to woman. These variations are further modified by pubertal maturity, anatomic changes resulting from childbirth and aging. Genital cosmetic surgeries are performed for clinical indications like clinically diagnosed female sexual dysfunction, pain with intercourse, interference in athletic activities, previous obstetric or straddle injury, vaginal prolapse, incontinence. Female genital surgery procedures aim to reduce discomfort and create more desirable apperance of genital area. Discomfort with the appearance of genitals leads to anxiety during sexual activity and  reduce sexual desire and arousability and cause fewer orgasms and less sexual satisfaction.

Cosmetic surgery procedures for genital area include:

  • labiaplasty,

  • clitoral hood reduction,

  • monsplasty and

  • vaginoplasty.

Surgical Scissors
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